Welcome to our advertising page.   (September 2011)

Paid advertising is now available on this website.    Front page advertising is available for as little as $400.00 per year.   If you are looking for more of a listing, our EVENT page has advertising available for $400.00 per year with multiple listings.  All placements include a link to your website.  Ads must be provided and approved.  If you are interested please contact us for further information. For your first year of advertising we offer an introductory price of $200.00. Your ad must be no larger than 200 pixels high and 300 pixels wide and can include a link to your webpage.

Contact us now to get your space.

A captured audience.  82% of people visiting our website are from New Jersey.  During the riding season we experience up to 7,000 hits per week.  Advertising is for one year with far less costs than for a one time advertisement in magazine or paper. Plus, you will find us in the top 5 placements on most search engines when searching for motorcycle events in New Jersey. Get your spot now.

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